De Mowbray's Musicke


Music & Arts Festival

SATURDAY 30 September


Medieval music, singing and dancing for all ages


Time: 10am - 4pm

Venue: Various locations through the village

(See programme £1)

Ticket Price: Free


"We work in the household of the de Mowbray’s as the resident musicians, so we call ourselves de Mowbray’s Musicke. This is rather a grand title, but we delight in playing for all occasions. Most of these are for our Lord and Lady and their court, but we can sometimes also be found playing for the country folk when our Lord and Lady are away on their own progresses."

Well luckily for us their Lord and Lady are away so they are playing for us all day on Saturday 30th September! During the day they will wander the field as minstrels and will be performing some short sets (see timings in the programme, available for £1). In the evening they are entertaining at the banquet with fanfares, story telling and teaching us to dance.


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Whilst every effort will be made to carry out the programme as scheduled, the festival gives no warranty that artists will perform at the stated time, or at all, due to unforeseen circumstances.


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